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Spinal Rehabilitation

Spinal Traction Designed for You

Traction is simply a sustained force applied to the spine in a specific direction, similar to wearing braces on your teeth, for the purpose of restoring normal spinal position or decompressing, alleviating pressure on nerves. If a force is applied for a certain amount of time, a change will take place. However, if that force is removed too soon, the spine will again resume an abnormal shape. The ultimate goal of traction is to apply a force for more than 10-15 minutes. This allows change toward normal! That change may be small at first but, over time, the change will be more and more apparent, improving posture, structure, and function! Remember, just like exercising or learning an instrument, you will receive the greatest benefit if you are consistent, diligent, and challenge yourself toward a goal of normal spinal structure. The harder you work, the greater the spinal change and thus the greater the benefit to you and your health.

Just like all of the other therapies at the Banic Chiropractic Clinic, traction therapy is not “One size fits all.” Though there are over 50 different forms of spinal traction, not everyone is a candidate. Only after the doctors perform orthopedic, neurological and imaging tests, will we judiciously and gently begin your traction therapy. 

Many patients experience relief using traction after only a few treatments and the long term benefits can be remarkable in increased range of motion, decreased pain and improved spinal structure and function. Traction can be used to relieve nerve compression and impingement due to disc herniation or bone spur, to improve joint motion of the spinal joints, to lessen muscle spasm caused by injury, or to decompress arthritic joints due to degenerative disc disease or osteoarthritis.

Now that you understand why traction is necessary to correct spinal structure toward normal, there are things you can do outside this office that will significantly benefit you while you’re here. Most importantly; follow your doctors’ instructions. This means that if you have been instructed to improve your workspace ergonomics, decrease smoking, take more frequent breaks or improve your diet and nutrition, be diligent about following through. Remember that we have your best interests in mind. Work with us to assure maximum results!

Measurable Results

It is important to understand that the closer the human body is to its normal alignment, the better it will perform.