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Massage Therapy

Reviews and Questions

Melissa H.
"As I am a new person to massage, she was really good about walking me through the process. She explained each step what she was going to do and why it was beneficial. I felt very relaxed during and after the massage and I didn't have my headache return for at least a week."*

Deborah B.
"It is hard to find a massage therapist who will really listen to what I want. She has really strong hands and will focus on just the muscles at the base of my skull for the entire half hour if I ask her to. Other places I have gone, they always feel like they need to do the upper back and shoulders or they are not as strong as I prefer."*

Bessie B.
"I have been very happy with my massages. I never feel like I have to talk. You can tell she really loves what she is doing and she says that it is the ultimate compliment when people fall asleep while she is massaging them. She has been very gentle with me and I definitely feel the relaxation benefit."*

Liz I.
"My back has been aching for what seems like years. It is so amazing to have an hour out of my day when all that pain is gone. She concentrates on the deep muscles of my low back that I didn't even know I had. She also works on my hip and after a couple of her massages my hip pain is almost totally gone."*

*Individual results may vary

What happens when I get there? 

Upon arrival, you will be greeted and sit down to fill out some brief paperwork. The forms include a notice of privacy HIPAA form, a past health history form, and a basic demographic form. You will then be introduced to the massage therapist, who will escort you to your massage room. You will be left in privacy to undress and slip beneath the large soft sheet covering the table. You are welcome to leave on undergarments as you prefer. The massage therapist will knock and enter, instruct you regarding how to lie on the table, and then begin the massage.


An integral part of learning each different massage technique is how to maintain client comfort and privacy. The sheet covers all portions of your body that are not being massaged. When she requires that you turn over into a new position, she holds the large sheet slightly away from your body so that you may shift or turn without pulling it off.

If you prefer not to have the massage therapist work on your legs or any other body area, just say so. These requests are not unusual, nearly everyone has some area they would prefer others not touch.

If the above mentioned privacy measures are not enough, please don't hesitate to request a fully clothed massage. 


While some people prefer to talk during massages, others feel free to close their eyes and relax. Remember to keep your mind from racing and breathe deeply. Communicate with your massage therapist if you; experience pain, are too hot or cold, require less or more pressure, have any questions, or forgot to mention a part of your history.

What if I fall asleep? 

While most individuals just fall into an ultra-relaxed sleep-like state during massages, some people may actually fall asleep. Our massage therapist considers this the ultimate compliment to her skills. You will still derive all the benefits of the massage plus the added benefit of catching up on missed sleep. You will be gently awoken near the end of the massage.

Will it make me more sore? 

Individuals with fibromyalgia or injuries related to falls and motor vehicle accident commonly have such sensitivity to pain that even a simple massage has the potential to be painful. Our massage therapists are doctor supervised and have experience managing painful conditions with many different massage therapy techniques. It is rare that a negative reaction occurs as the massage can be very, very gentle and effective when the therapists know how to work with difficult cases.