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Pain & Inflamation

Understanding the source of your pain.
  • Do you have pain or tingling radiating into your arms, legs, or feet?
  • Do you have pain in the upper back and across the shoulders?
  • Do you have neck pain, stiffness, or pain with motion?
  • Do you have low back pain?
  • Do you have headaches?

In the absence of a serious injury, all these symptoms may be attributed to inflammation. Just like when you twist an ankle, spraining joints in the spine causes pain and swelling. Swelling along the spine, not only causes back and neck pain, but also compresses nerves that leave through joints of the spine, causing pain, numbness, or spasm down the legs and into the arms or head.

How we can help

Often our patients overlook simple interventions to alleviate this inflammation. Ice is surprisingly effective when used appropriately, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories will help, and long periods of rest are not recommended. These simple steps may give you a reprieve from pain. Use that time to visit your chiropractor. We will find the underlying reason why the inflammation is occurring!