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Low Back Pain

While there are many different causes of low back pain, most incidents occur because of an underlying weakness in the spinal structure of the back. In some cases, such as Scoliosis, this weakness may have been present since birth. More frequently, the underlying structural problem is the result of compensation for old injuries or chronic abnormal postural problems. Many people are aware that they have bad posture, but few understand the dramatic impact these imbalances have on the joints and muscles along the spine and how often bad posture is the culprit in chronic back pain problems. 

Shifts in spinal alignment are also the primary cause, along with obesity, of early joint and disc degeneration and osteoarthritis. Whether you know you have bad posture, or you have recently suffered from an accident, it is important to get checked. Be sure that you do not have the early risk factors for future back problems. Your future quality of life depends on it

How we can help

A recent clinical practice guideline, published by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, states that for acute low back problems in adults, "Relief of discomfort can be accomplished most safely with non-prescription medication and/or spinal manipulation". The AHCPR recommendations for treatment of acute low back pain were made after an exhaustive review of over 350 scientific articles on the subject of low back pain. Among these were more than 37 randomized controlled trials of spinal manipulation for low back pain. States have embraced this federal guideline for the treatment of low back pain, with Oregon being the most recent to recommend chiropractic adjustments as the "only effective non-pharmacological treatment for acute low back pain" for first line conservative care. 

At Banic Chiropractic and Massage, we will not only provide the chiropractic adjustments shown to alleviate pain quickly, we will also provide the tools and guidance you need to avoid future back pains episodes.