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Ravi K
I had an amazing and satisfactory turn around in my posture, pain relief and health thanks to the efforts of Dr. Banic and his staff. *

Norman S
Came to Dr. Banic with lower back pain. On a pain scale of 1-10 it was a 9+ and had almost incapacitated me. Since I was visiting in the local area I did not have an established relationship with a chiropractor, but Dr. Banic was willing to fit me into his busy schedule. After a complete workup I was given an adjustment. The pain almost immediately subsided and was almost nonexistent the next day. No unnecessary treatment was suggested and I received very professional clinical treatment. I highly recommend his services. *

Melanie K
Banic Chiropractic treatments have given me back the ability to mountain bike without pain and inflammation. And, of course, overall I feel much better, even, dare I say , Normal, More relaxed, not so tired and happier. Thank you! *

Keith W
I now get headaches infrequently which I attribute to the care given me by Banic Chiropractic over the past few months. *

Garrett S
I used to be plagued with P.S.V.T (paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia), and chronic headaches. Now that I stand corrected, I am thrilled to say BOTH have diminished and are nearly gone all together. To be honest I was not aware chiropractic work could fix such problems. Let Dr Banic take a crack at your back! *

Tristian T
I love Dr Banic! He and his team made my treatment so easy. *

Brandon M
My lower back no longer hurts at all. Even my body awareness has never been higher and I am able to lift heavier weights at the gym without pain. *

Taryn C
Information alone does not equal knowledge. Information + understanding = knowledge. Knowledge is a crucial component in our decision making process. Information alone does not equal knowledge. Information plus understanding equals knowledge. I have received so much more than chiropractic care from Banic Chiropractic. I have received clear information in a format I could understand, thereby increasing my knowledge about how to achieve lifetime wellness. Prior to receiving care from Banic Chiropractic I suffered from two severe conditions for which I was seeking care from doctors who specialized in these areas of medicine. After 5 years of searching for relief, the conditions had slowly deteriorated my health to the point of holding me hostage. My quality of life was that of a P.O.W. After seeking care from Banic Chiropractic for an unrelated situation, I found that I was also experiencing relief from these other conditions. As I continue to receive care from Dr. Tony & Leslie Banic, I continue to experience relief from these other conditions. I am now well on my way to getting my life back. Receiving care from Banic Chiropractic clinic has unlocked the door to my prison cell. I am truly thankful to Dr. Tony and Leslie Banic for this life changing care. From their ability to provide critical information, excellent teaching skills and unsurpassed care, I now look forward to each new day with hope and limitless possibilities. Dr Tony Banic and Leslie Banic are a true blessing in my life. A gift from god for which I am truly thankful. *

Amelia G
Chiropractic has helped me by giving me the first consistent relief from migraines, nausea and neck pain that I have ever had. I no longer have to check out of life for days or even weeks on end and thus am able to be more productive and reliable. Now when I feel neck tension I have immediate solution that doesn't involve drugs which never worked in the first place. I am also able to be a better mother. Being pain free makes me happier and more present with my three year old daughter. I am ecstatic that I have finally found (after much searching and failing) chiropractic office that has given me lasting pain relief. *

Sheena S
I've had frequent headaches for over 2 years after my son was born. I got so tired of taking pills so I decided to try chiropractic. After 3 to 4 treatments I was amazed at the results. I started to notice I did not have frequent headaches anymore. I am absolutely delighted to be pain free again. Highly recommend Dr. Banic for his expertise to anyone that has chronic neck/back pain. *

Justin K
Since beginning care with Banic Chiropractic the pain associated with my accident has 100% improved. I'm now feeling better than before. The approach used by Dr. Banic has produced amazing results in only a few months. *

Kim R
I had back surgery in 2000. In 2008 my back went out and I was reconciled to having surgery again. I was referred to Dr. Banic and he did wonders for me with his treatment and exercise regimen my back has never felt better. I have no limitations on my range of motion or residual pain or sores. I came in mainly for preventative care and since working with Dr. Banic I haven't had much back problems. I recommend Dr. Banic to anyone who wants to care for their back. I only wish I had seen Dr. Banic in 2000 as I may have avoided my surgery. *

Brian S
After suffering a debilitating back injury two months ago which left me unable to stand up straight and in severe pain, I decided to give chiropractic care a shot. I have suffered from constant back pain for 8 years and, at the age of 23, decided I did not want such pain to be a life long event. Dr. Banic and his staff have been unbelievable in assisting me in my recovery. All staff members have been extremely kind and customer service oriented, which seems to be a lost art these days. Scheduling has been easy and accommodating, allowing me to change appointment times the day of on multiple occasions. By consistently following Dr. Banic's recommendations I have made a complete transformation in my health. Combining my weekly visits with exercise and a completely revamped way of eating has left me feeling tremendously better. I am thankful to Dr. Banic and his staff for adding what will sure to be years of productivity on to my life. *

John H
I have no more pain in my legs, lower back, upper back and neck. I could not touch my knees and now I can reach the floor. Dr. Banic is the coolest guy, business man, chiro ever! I am way better educated in my spinal health and maintenance. Banic Chiropractic takes time to educate everyone. *

Jackie S
The Banic's have treated me and my 15 year old daughter for her scoliosis. Not only have we both received relief and quality care but I wouldn't trust anyone else with my daughters care. I have seen multiple orthopedic doctors and always I come back to Tony. He treats my daughter with great care and is honest with all aspects of her treatment and his ability to help. Thanks! You guys are truly the best! *

Michael T
Before I came to see Dr. Banic I was taking 1200-2400 mg of Ibuprofen a day. With my treatment I've only had to take one tablet in the last month and a half. *

Ginny A
My first appointment was incredible! The doctor thoroughly explained how treatment worked. We went over my health conditions and history. I had numerous health problems along with pain and suffering. After my first adjustment I noticed immediate results! My body responded to the treatment in a very positive way. I feel better, have less pain, tension, sleep better and noticed improvement in my overall health and mood. My blood pressure has decreased while my quality of life has increased. The most wonderful doctors are chiropractors. They treat the condition and cure it! Big thanks to Dr & Staff! *

Donna L
When I first started traction I had experienced two episodes of extreme pain in my right shoulder radiating down to my elbow. In order to work, I sat at my desk with ice packs on my neck and shoulder. I haven't had any of that pain since starting treatment. Headaches were a common event in my life and sleeping on my left side assured me awaking up with headache. I couldn't sleep at night without changing positions several times to relieve pain in my shoulders, lower back and hips. My hands would go number and wake me up, I would have to shake them to get the feeling back. In recent weeks, I've even awakened some mornings in the same position I fell asleep and I don't lose feelings in my hands anymore. I was most amazed at the results of my recent xrays. I have renewed hope that I can live out my life with good posture, restful nights sleep and renewed enthusiasm for tackling whatever. I am more aware of the effects certain activities have on my spine and I take time to remind myself to sit correctly at my desk, stretch regularly, ice when needed and continue my exercises to counteract the negative forces of working at a desk for several hours a day. *

Nora L
Chiropractic has helped me not walk like I'm 200 years old. I get fewer headaches and I'm not cranky and uncomfortable all the time. I'm excited to start exercising and walking frequently when I'm back on campus and stairs are no longer an issue. *

Penny T
After being diagnosed with positional vertigo I was informed that there was little that could be done to alleviate my symptoms. The medications are harsh and left me too tired to work. Under Dr. Banic's care his adjustment made a measurable difference! The dizziness is greatly improved and it has made a tremendous impact on everyday activities that many of us take for granted. I am amazed at how quickly I found relief after struggling with vertigo for 16 years! *

Stephen D
I was in severe pain daily. I got tired of it so I came to Banic Chiropractic. They are very welcoming, helped me a ton and found out the treatments work. Now I'm a new man. Thanks! *

Gail B
Honestly worth every visit! At first I thought I would never be the same. After all docs coaching and encouragement I now can do all the activities I used to do. It truly works (adjustment and traction) *

Linda L
For 9-10 years I have suffered from chronic calf pain. The pain was so extreme that some mornings before I could get up to walk I would need to do a long session of stretches. Initially the pain was linked to walking 7-8 miles a day despite having excellent walking boots. After visiting Banic Chiropractic Clinic for my lower back issues I noticed that the chronic pain that I had for almost a decade disappeared almost instantaneously. Thank you! *

Joan W
Before coming to Banic Chiropractic Clinic in mid December of 2005 I was taking Tylenol 3-4 times a week for my neck and back. Now looking back to the beginning of my treatment I realized how improved my neck is. I haven't had to take any Tylenol to relieve the neck. I am able to turn my head from side to side with a much greater range of motion also. I'd forgotten how good my neck could feel! *

Jill M
I came in because my neck hurt when I tried to turn it. I never realized my headaches were caused by my poor posture. After about 2 to 3 wks of treatment I realized I no longer was having daily headaches. I was amazed. I now exercise my back and neck and look forward to keeping pain free. *

Sarah R
I went to Banic Chiropractic because I was rear-ended. The clinic is close to work and they are open past 5 o'clock. At the worst, my back was very sore, in constant pain, and it was hard to work with my pre-k class, sleep and do my daily activities. After the treatments at Banic Chiropractic my back is so much better and not in pain. I can do everything once again that I used to do without pain. I was amazed how traction improved my spine alignment. It was a strange position to be in but it helped dramatically. I have learned how to bend down by bending at the knees instead of the waist and it makes a huge difference. I am grateful how Banic Chiropractic helped me! *

Scott H
The adjustments are very thorough. He spends a lot of time doing a thorough exam and evaluation. Checks posture thoroughly. Staff is great. *

Cheryl W
I am walking straighter, have more energy, and I am so much more in balance. NO stumbling leaning over to catch my balance. I feel more stable and energetic. A blessing in disguise! I'm speechless! Thank you! *

Cheryl R
It has strengthened my whole body and put my physical, mental and possibly emotional self back in balance and stability. I feel stronger and happier. Movement has definitely improved and so has my attitude. It makes me feel good, like being young again. *

Francilia E
I just feel great! *

Derek Y
In the last three months my headaches have definitely improved through Tony and Leslie's care. My posture is improved, I'm more aware of when it isn't, and utilize techniques and exercises to improve. I was taught a lot here and had overall dramatic improvement! Thank you! *

Patrick D
When I started there was pain in the neck and back. The work Tony did put me in a place where it would fix the problem and not be permanent and I thank you for this and for the whole family too! *

Roberta M
I really appreciated how easy you made it for me to get your services. I appreciated being able to always get in touch with you to make or change an appointment. If I was late for an appointment you never made an issue of it or canceled or made me wait, etc. Most of all I liked the friendliness of your family clinic. And Marko! *

Sharon G
Just this morning when I was doing my flexibility exercises, that were top of my new years resolution list, I was amazed at the wide range of motion in my neck and spine. This is directly attributed to the back and neck treatments I have been getting from Dr. Banic. I can't tell you enough about the wonderful feeling of freedom this extended movement gives me.

The second thing that struck me was realizing that a hot spot at the nape of my neck was gone. This hot spot was one of the primary reason I came to him almost 5 months ago, and it occurred to me that it has been quite some time since I've complained to him (or anyone) about it.
Dr. Banic is great! I'm amazed that he knows exactly what treatment I need on any given day. *

Robert T
Working with Tony & Leslie has helped me immensely in my recovery from my auto accident. I had a significant reverse curve in my neck and I was very limited in movement turning side to side. Turning side to side to switch lanes in traffic was incredibly difficult. After going through treatment for nine months I now have full range of motion and my reverse curve is completely gone. I highly recommend going to Tony & Leslie for not only maintenance care but for lifetime corrective care. *

Tammy C
I have been rear-ended 3 times over 20 years. The last time being 2000. I just dealt with the headaches and back pain because the insurance wasn't enough. Now after the treatment with Dr. Banic I have very few headaches and only feel pain when I overdo it. The treatment & atmosphere were relaxing & comfortable. Thank you. *

Karen B
I came into the clinic with mild scoliosis and forward head posture, and after 36 times of treatment I was able to reduce the curve and scoliosis in my spine and neck. It has helped me tremendously with not only with posture but also with the way that I feel in my overall health. Thanks Tony and Leslie and Marco of course! *

Eugene L
Before coming to Banic I could not move my head in any direction without a lot of pain in my neck and piercing pain to my left sides of my head. Now after a brief maintenance course I can move again and have improved posture by 18%. I feel better, I can truly feel the difference in my head posture from when I first came in. Thanks to Banic and all the staff for making this possible. *

Brent B
I had been having back issues for a long time. X-rays were done at a doctor's and problems were identified. No corrective care was recommended and I ended up hurting myself carrying heavy item. I came to Banic Chiropractic and now I feel the problem has been corrected and my back feels fine. *

Kalyn G 
I can tilt my head backwards in the shower and it doesn't hurt anymore! *

Cassiddee S
Extremely impressed with the Banics knowledge on traction. It has helped my posture & headaches significantly. Unlike other chiropractor I have seen, I don't need to continue coming in for treatment frequently. *

David B
I have always used a chiropractor as a quick fix for various back trouble especially lower back pain. I would always wait til the pain was bad then come to a couple of sessions and not continue treatment once my back quit hurting. Tony Banic showed me how my bad posture would continue my back trouble until it was corrected. He convinced me to come to 36 visits 3 or 4 times a week might improve my posture permanently. After going thru the recommended amount of sessions my whole back feels healthy and lower back pain and stiffness are completely gone. My posture is almost exactly where it should be and greatly improved since I started the treatment. *

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